Lit Meets Music Lyrics

Let’s not over analyze. Music is a gift to the world. It combines rhythmic tones and beats, lyrical prowess, and incredible singers. We focus on the lyrical prowess, the poetry under the song. This is where literature meets music lyrics.

The goal of this project is to analyze/critique musical lyrics from popular songs, similar to those five paragraph papers we wrote in school about Maniac Magee, Old Man and the Sea, The Grapes of Wrath, My Antonia, Romeo and Juliet, 1984, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, and many more. Feel the anxiety come back yet? Don’t Fret!

Key word here is similar…five paragraph essays are likely outdated (sorry professors). Who the heck writes papers anymore anyways (maybe doctors and scientists?). Just as most songs are 2-4 minutes, we’d like our reads to last about the same length. We hope it's short and sweet, like most songs. Let’s blend classic literary techniques and themes with modern day flavor.

We’re literary audiophiles on a mission. Don’t worry, we won’t lure you into someone’s NYC apartment to butcher you, like some American Pyscho. We enjoy music from all eras and genres. We enjoy music because it sounds good. It sounds good because the lyrics speak to us, but hopefully, when we look into them further, we’ll see that songwriters, singers, and rappers are our modern poets.


PS – We're not always right or wrong. We want to provide a point of view. We want to hear other POVS if we're completely off base. We also don’t proofread/edit as often as we’d like so if there's grammatical errors that offend the Oxford Dictionary or stuff that seems far fetched, our response is summed up gracefully by Ice Cube. Please kindly go "check yourself before you wreck yourself" because we live in a world where thotty is an accepted word. We're perfectly OK with that.